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Women in Recovery

Establishing Healthy Relationships in Early Recovery is Not So Easy

written by Drdrew November 19, 2018
Women in Recovery

Addiction destroys genuine intimacy

Drug- and alcohol-addicted women describe their emotional struggle during recovery as empty, lonely, guilty, disconnected and numb. For the woman who is still addicted, these fearful and painful emotions are temporarily remedied by drugs and/or alcohol, and – sometimes – romantic or sexual encounters.

“Most of the time I felt lonely and undesirable. So, I’d go out and drink, do a little cocaine and let myself go. Afterward, I felt horrible about some of the stuff I did while I was partying. But it seemed better than being lonely all the time. Treatment helped me quit drinking and drugging, but I still struggle with self-esteem problems, loneliness and bad relationships.” – Janice, 33

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