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Women Shouldn’t Make the Mistake to Suffer in Silence

Women Sometimes Wait Way Too Long & Can Be Poor Communicators

written by Steven Riznyk August 7, 2020
Women Shouldn't Make the Mistake to Suffer in Silence

This article will emanate from the voice of experience, as contrasted to commonly held beliefs. We all know that women are considered to be great communicators; they are expressive, they may cry on occasion, they like to talk things out.  This may all be true. However, what common knowledge does not account for is that many women prefer to suffer in silence. And this is their first mistake.

Divorces and Break-Ups

I have dealt with many clients’ divorces and break-ups; a large number of times the male in the relationship expresses to me that one day his wife or girlfriend comes to him and tells him it’s all over. Many times, she is already in a new relationship. He is left wondering what happened, what is the straw that broke the camel’s back?

The flip side of this is that although it may sound idyllic for the woman, it is not always what it seems. Yes, she has the support that she requires during this most difficult time. She most likely made her man jealous or envious. Yes, he is left alone; and yes, if she wanted to hurt him, she accomplished that task. However, time and time again, I have counseled these couples, separately, and the woman will go from relationship to relationship never finding someone who loved her as much as her first man did.

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