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Working From Home: A Field Guide

written by Lauren Rice September 28, 2020
Working From Home: A Field Guide

I have been fortunate enough to work from home for the last year or so, and I have absolutely loved it. It suits my lifestyle well, with time for #selfcare in the mornings, and I make the dress code. It also gives me the flexibility to be with my partner and our dog, Blue, whom you may have seen in some of my Instagram posts. It’s now clear who the real star of my account is, and he has more hair than me.

I worked from home initially by choice. But for many of you reading, that may not have been the case in the last couple of months. Most people have been thrust headlong into a “Work From Home Hell” period, with an indefinite ending.

Parents are taking conference calls in the shower to get some peace and quiet from their now-homeschooled kids, animals are accidentally hurting themselves out of excitement at having their people home, there is a seeming lack of awareness of which day of the week it is, and lots of generally terrible stress-eating choices, probably leading everyone to the ‘Quarantine 15.’ All of this on top of the fact that pretty much everyone’s actual work is in some way impacted, with slowdowns, de-funding of projects that may have taken significant time and energy to create, rampant supply chain issues and challenges in keeping staff on the payroll…it’s tough all around.

Anytime a large group of people, or in this case basically the entire world, is asked to do things differently without a good system or strategies in place to do so, chaos ensues.

Enter, the voice of experience. Here are some things that have been invaluable to me in working from home.
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