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10 Ways to Spot Whether You’re Dating a Good Guy or a Jerk

Dating After 50

written by Lisa Copeland January 18, 2019
Dating a Good Guy or a Jerk

Ever date a man who turned out to be a jerk?

Maybe you had immediate chemistry or he was so attractive you thought for sure he had boyfriend possibilities.

After all, he was able to charm you, your friends, and your family.

And to top it off,  he was super attentive which felt amazing because it had been a while since anyone gave you this type of attention.

He showed you his very best side, and if you’re being honest about it, well . . . you probably loved it!

That is until the day when the rose-colored glasses came off, and you realized he wasn’t the man you thought he was.

He was actually a jerk.

Spot the Jerk

Today, I want to share ten ways that can help you quickly spot when a man is a jerk before he has the opportunity to break your heart.

1. A Jerk’s Actions Don’t Match His Words.

A good man will let you know what he’s doing and won’t leave you trying to figure out what is happening.

If he’s not doing this, he’s not worthy of dating you.

2. A Jerk Disappears Then Comes Back Then Disappears Again.

This is a man hunting with what I call Shiny Penny Syndrome.

He’s looking for someone else he perceives might be a better fit than you are.

When it doesn’t work out, he comes back to you until he finds his next conquest.

3. A Jerk is a Narcissist Who Wants His Way in Every Situation.

He’ll manipulate you into doing what he wants to do even when you say no.

When you give in, you end up feeling like you betrayed yourself. A good guy will honor your no.

4. A Jerk Treats Service People Poorly.

If he takes you to his favorite restaurant and his meal shows up wrong, he’ll blast the poor waiter with his anger.

This guy often displays road rage as well.

A good guy knows things can go awry and gives someone a chance to correct it.

5. A Jerk Takes You to a Party And Leaves You At The Door to Fend For Yourself.

A good guy will introduce you to the people he knows in the room and will make sure you’re taken care of with food, drinks, and people to talk to.

6. A Jerk Only Cares About Having His Needs Met.

Your needs fall far below his on the priority list.

A good guy is into pleasing you and making you happy.

If he’s not, let him go.

7. A Jerk Is Usually Passive Aggressive.

If you’re trying to work an issue out, he’ll act like everything is okay.

Get with other people and he’ll bad mouth your decision looking for confirmation from others that he’s right.

A good guy will work issues out with you and even if he disagrees with the final decision, he will keep it to himself.

8. A Jerk Asks You For A Date But Doesn’t Call To Confirm Whether It’s Happening.

You end up calling him and he holds your life up, telling you he’s not sure how long his meeting is going to be.

A good guy will make sure you have the details for your date including the time, place, and when he’ll pick you up or meet you.

Then he shows up, or if he’s running late, he’ll call you.

9. A Jerk Makes All The Decisions For Both Of You, Thinking He Knows What’s Best For You.

No one knows you better than you, and a good guy will make sure your feelings and thoughts are part of the decision process.

10. A Jerk Doesn’t Make Sure You Feel Emotionally, Physically, or Spiritually Safe.

You may feel financially safe with him, but that’s not enough.

He’ll be the one criticizing what you wear or how you do things.

A good guy may offer constructive criticism when asked but does so in a loving way that encourages your personal growth.

Looking for the Right Guy

I love sharing tips with you every week about dating over fifty.

I hope you’re going out and using what you’re learning in your own dating life.

Sometimes tips aren’t enough, and you need support personalized to what’s happening in your dating life.

If this is you, I’d love to help you.

Let’s set up a time to talk about what’s happening and how we can get you to where you want to be.

All you have to do is click here, and tell me a little bit about what’s going on in your love life.

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