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17 Tactics: Drastically Improve Communication in Relationships

Part Three: The Final Six

written by Eugene K. Choi January 17, 2019
17 Tactics: Drastically Improve Communication in Relationships

This is the final part of this three-part series. Find part one here and part two here.

In this section, we will discuss the final six tactics.

12. Meet Your Partner’s Level of Excitement

Imagine your partner comes home excited and wants to tell you some great news. You’ve had a long day and now you’re busy prepping dinner. You reactively reply, “Can you hold on and move over? The pasta is boiling, the baby is crying and the table is not set yet.”

When you finally settle down at the dinner table, you ask your partner what the great news is. With his or her excitement now deflated, s/he replies half-heartedly, “Oh it’s not a big deal, but I finally got that promotion I was looking for”, to which you reply, “That’s great! Can you pass the salt?”

Some of the toughest feelings occur when we share some exciting news and the other person doesn’t meet our level of enthusiasm.

Now imagine how different it would feel for your partner if when s/he comes home to share the exciting news, you turn off the stove and with a look of anticipation ask, “What is it?” S/he shares the great news and both of you are jumping up and down; then you go off to pop open a bottle of Champagne to serve with dinner.

Meeting your partner at their level of excitement the moment it happens communicates that you are willing to be present with them during their times of joy.

What to do:

When you sense your partner’s excitement, stop what you are doing for a quick moment and then join in on the enthusiasm. This will help release the happiness hormone, serotonin, in both your brains and give you a boost in your mood.

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