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17 Tactics to Drastically Improve Communication in Relationships

Part One: The First Five

written by Eugene K. Choi December 27, 2018
17 Tactics to Drastically Improve Communication in Relationships

This is part one of a three-part series. See part two here and part three here.

You’re talented, have great ideas and you’re hardworking, but you’re often unrecognized, misunderstood and taken for granted. Whether it’s in your personal or work relationships, you find yourself frustrated at how often people misinterpret what you say.

If only there was something people could do to read your mind and feel your emotions. Right? Sorry.

While something like this doesn’t exist, there is the next best thing, which is to use these simple strategies to improve your communication in relationships.

Why Communication Fails

The amygdala, which is also known as the “lizard brain,” is an almond-shaped part of your brain that is constantly on the lookout for anything that may be harmful. At a basic level, it is concerned about your survival. And while it looks out for your physical survival (e.g. there’s a rattlesnake in your path during a hike and you to jump out of its way), it also looks out for your emotional survival.

This is why when someone says something that offends you, it triggers your amygdala and you become defensive as a result. It becomes this attack-and-defend battle between the two of you. And, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, when you are defensive during a conversation, nothing usually ends up getting resolved. The damage is done, feelings are hurt, and the relationship starts to become broken.

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