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30 Day Tech Cleanse

Part Two

written by Kris Verlé March 26, 2020
30 Day Tech Cleanse

RD&T contributing writer, Kris Verle, challenges you to follow his tech cleanse for thirty days and the changes it brought to his life.

Neighbourhood Watch

I’m a curtain twitcher. Yep – one hundred percent.

When I’m seventy years old, I’ll be that neighbour who alerts you to the Amazon delivery guy who must have rung your doorbell at least three times.

I’ll also give you a rundown of the comings and goings at number twenty-three since those two young fellas moved in. And then I’ll grass you to the local council for putting your bins out too early.

But for now – or at least until a week ago – Facebook was my virtual porch.

People say we cannot have more than 150 meaningful relationships at any one point – also known as Dunbar’s number.

It was named after the British anthropologist who came up with it. He famously described it as the number of people you wouldn’t be too embarrassed about joining for a beer if you bumped into them in a bar.

Don’t know about you, but I’m guessing Dunbar must have been pretty dull company. There are currently about 1,764 Facebook friends I’d be delighted to see if they bought me a beer.

Some of those I never met, but most of them I have. In fact, Facebook has become a virtual library of pretty much anyone I’ve ever exchanged some kind of physical or emotional connection with – either during my misspent twenties, semi-passed out in a dark corner of a club, or, more recently, people I’ve met through travel or through my online coaching practice.

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