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7 Signs You’re Sleeping With a Narcissist

written by Sarah Williams May 13, 2019
7 Signs You’re Sleeping With a Narcissist

Men are charming. Actually, more than we give them credit for.

Sometimes, it’s easy to even start a relationship without opening our eyes to their bad side, but instead, idealizing them and considering ourselves lucky.

But the issues won’t go away just because we’re in love. They will grow bigger and come out when we least expect them. This means guaranteed arguments in the future, a big chance for a breakup, negative emotions when having to talk about this and deal with it, and much more.

What to do then? See who your partner is right now; before things have escalated and before your love becomes bigger than your sense of control.

For example, there’s a high possibility that you might be sleeping with a narcissist. These people rarely change because the very first step to transformation is saying out loud that there’s something that must be changed. And their ego just doesn’t allow this to happen.

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