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Achieve Your Desires with This 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

written by Laura Saltman December 6, 2019
Achieve Your Desires with This 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Hello, Mindful Ones! If you took the 10 Day Thoughts Detox with me you might be struggling a little bit this week. Sometimes when you are releasing deep subconscious feelings, they bubble to the surface and can burn you a little. Better to learn of them and release them than allow them to fester beneath the surface. It works the same for any detox, whether it’s food or addictions. You have to sweat out the old toxic stuff first before you can move past it. Releasing it, though, can be a painful process. I know it was for me. I struggled the last few days with anger, insecurities, and sadness brought upon by the detox.

Talking about my problems, though, is how I help all of you.

I practice what I preach here, and so every day I worked through my struggles using prayer, meditation, and intention. At times, it can feel like nothing is going your way, and the world is against you, but I promise you it’s not. You have to commit to the journey daily, hourly if needed.

My biggest stumbling block continues to be and has always been consistency in my practice. In my book The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination, I write about how my spiritual counselor, Kim Stanwood Terranova, used to always ask me the same question in every session, “What is your daily practice?” I now completely understand how important this is.

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