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Bloating and Fibre in a Vegan Diet

written by Marlene Watson-Tara July 14, 2020
Bloating and Fibre in a Vegan Diet

If there’s one thing the western diet lacks, it’s fibre. Daily recommendations are set at 25 to 30 grams, but less than 3 percent of people consume that much. In fact, most are getting an average of only 15 grams per day. By contrast, among more than 71,000 subjects participating in the Adventist Health Study-2, those consuming a vegan diet (5,694 subjects) consumed an average of 46 grams of fibre daily.

Fibre is essential for digestive wellness and performs other health-promoting functions, including binding and removing excess cholesterol from the body. Unfortunately, switching from a low-fibre diet to a plant-based diet naturally high in fibre can cause some uncomfortable — and sometimes embarrassing — problems. Why do these problems arise and what can be done to minimize those problems while enjoying the most nutritious diet possible? It takes a few days for your gut bacteria to shift to the species that feed on plant-based foods.

Getting to Know Your Fibre

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