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Bobbylosophies: Personal Philosophies On Life

written by Bobby Umar December 4, 2018
Personal Philosophies On Life

I have gone through periods of reflection at several key points in my life and this past fall was one of them. I thought I would share some wisdom from everything I have learned from many years and many connections. These are just some things to think about as you go through the most impactful times of personal growth (high school to university to post-grad to career and family).

Be Passionate!

A lot of people think they are passionate, but are they really? Too often, they say in their resume or in conversations that they are, but in the end, they are not. I truly believe passion is a rare quality. Passionate people get out there and really make a difference. They speak up, think positively, and take risks. They look for solutions rather than complaining. Passionate people motivate others through their leadership. Think of some solid examples of people who stand out in this way. Then ask yourself if you are doing the same among your own peers. Be passionate and stand out!

Communicate More

 We can all communicate better. In fact, we should communicate more often than we do. We can all communicate more positively, more effectively, more tactfully, and with more active listening. Most importantly, we should communicate even when we feel uncertain. Ask questions, start a discussion, and encourage others to open up. Lack of communication is a root cause for conflict, whether it’s in personal relationships or in global relations between nations.

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