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Decoding Your Cravings to Meet Your True Needs

written by Lauren Rice October 5, 2020
Decoding Your Cravings to Meet Your True Needs

If  you have felt a kind of pressure to use the extra time at home over the last couple of months as an opportunity for self-improvement, you wouldn’t be alone. The internet has been awash with tips and tricks, with more free lessons teaching a whole wealth of subjects than is usually available. If you have felt moved to try to learn something new, or perhaps finish something long on-going, then honor that movement and make yourself available to those things. If you have felt that you simply needed to slow down and just be, then also honor that.

Where do these movements, these feelings or cravings come from? How do we know when something we feel we want is genuinely for our benefit, though it may be challenging, unusual or new? How can we differentiate the energetic needs of our body and the longings of our spirit from the mental static and junk food cravings?

The being that is you is a complex interplay of physiological signals and inputs shaped by your environment, as well as the emotional and mental constructs and habitual patterns that have grown and rooted in you since conception, and even before. All of this is contained inside a vessel of skin and bones with a timeless spiritual core, ever-connected to the source of itself.
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