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Don’t Just Hustle For Life

Hustle FOR a Life!

written by Bobby Umar December 14, 2018
Hustle For Life

On a recent birthday, I shared some raw honesty — I think I am, at best, exactly at the halfway point of my life, if not beyond it. Meaning, I truly don’t believe I will get past 84 years of age. But, the time is right now to change all of that. I’ll share with you some of the how and why.

I decided to spend my entire birthday mostly off of social media, especially Facebook, even though I am a huge extrovert and a social beast by nature. It was hard because, ironically, I spent much of this ‘special’ day, alone. However, I remember that last year I had the same problem, where I spent almost the entire birthday alone. My wife was at work, the kids were at school/daycare, and then that evening I had to go teach a class. Ultimately, it made me realize that I tend to spend too much time on social networks to feed my affection for connection.

I recently started a journey called #FitInMyLife, as a means to do more things that are healthy and fit in my life. This was prompted by a very personal and brutally honest post I did on Facebook called WTF is Wrong with Me?

I started really turning my life around with the healthy eating and fitness plan. I got a personal trainer, worked out three times a week, starting doing more cooking every night, and shopped for more food during the week. Most recently, I started doing Hot Yoga twice a week. The results have been great and my mind is slowly shifting in the right direction. Now I believe I can and will get past 84 years of age. Yet, this is also not the point of my post.

You see, #FitInMyLife became about more than just health. As I spent almost an extra ten hours a week doing this, I was losing time and energy on all the other things I was used to doing. I reflected on how precious our time is. I realized there were so many things I wanted to #FitInMyLife – family time, friends, travel, culture, business, career, etc.

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