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Don’t Twist Yourself in Knots to be Loved

written by Edie Weinstein July 17, 2019
Don't Twist Yourself in Knots to be Loved

We often reconfigure our lives, twisting ourselves in knots, to be loved and feel loved.

A Story of Codependency

Growing up in a loving home with lots of attention, affection, and approval, it amazes me that I became so friggin’ codependent. I have sold my soul for love, tap-danced for acceptance, care-given until I felt all “gived out.”

It started at an early age when I turned from looking after my dolls to looking after the little kids in the neighborhood. When the bunches of us would play together on our backyard swing set, I would usher the younger siblings of my same-age friends down the sliding board, patting them when they got off. Weird, I know. But I learned at an early age that people need each other.

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