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Go Love and be Loved

written by G. Brian Benson December 19, 2018
Go Love and be Loved

Love is a word that has so many layers of meaning. Yet when it is used in the context of “finding love” or “falling in love,” a lot of us tend to picture the rosy little bubble of the perfect Hollywood movie ending. There are so many ways to share and fall in love, yet we have been trained to think that it has to look a certain way. And while the perfect Hollywood ending would be awesome and amazing, it holds many of us hostage from exploring and finding love because we hold out for the perfect situation, person or ending. And to be honest, I don’t think it necessarily exists like we are meant to believe. I will tell you what does exist: millions of people out there who are walking around, wanting to love and be loved, who aren’t allowing themselves to – because it’s not showing up as they expect.

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