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What’s Really in a Word? Love

Love and Numerology

written by Sharita Star November 12, 2018
What’s Really in a Word? Love

Love is like oxygen; you can’t live without it. – Lee Roupas

It really should be Valentine’s Day each and every day, because love is absolutely needed for all 365 days of any year. When we think about love, all sorts of ideas can come to mind. Our ability to express this innate human feeling ideally flows through all different facets of our lives.

Yet, in the winter blues that can especially surround Valentine’s Day or whenever special holidays approach, people tend to get caught up in the disbelief that they have no love in their lives if they are single and not in an intimate, romantic relationship. But love is not just about what we share in an ideal, dreamy partnership with another. Love starts within the self, and is meant to expand limitlessly.

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