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Fidelity in Marriage

written by Dr. Eva Bell January 2, 2019
Fidelity in Marriage

The prevalent hedonistic culture in the world today convinces people that the pursuit of personal pleasure outstrips all other considerations. Fidelity in marriage has become a casualty. Marriage, which was once considered the building block of society and bound two people together in a physical, mental and emotional oneness, is now merely a minority concept.

A good marriage doesn’t happen automatically. It involves commitment, acceptance, and mutual respect bonded together with love. Spouses give themselves exclusively to each other and set themselves apart from all others.

A good marriage is based on the “reciprocity principle.”

Partners who have pledged to love each other “till death do us part,” must work at it actively and continuously. There is no casual leave or vacation written into the contract.

What do we mean by Fidelity? It is the quality of reliability and trustworthiness to one’s partner.

To be faithful is not a favour you bestow on your spouse. It is a privilege to bless yourself with.

Michael Cohon

The world is in the grip of a sexual revolution. Sex, sexual exploits, and sexual prowess are recurring themes that bombard us through both print and electronic media. Personal pleasure and self-fulfillment are characteristics of the New Morality.

Infidelity is glamorized. “Do what you want to,” is the slogan of individualism. A recent study done in the US shows that 30% of women and 40% of men have been unfaithful to their spouses at some point in their marriage. The weakening of religious and social restraints, the easy availability of sex, and permissive legislation have all contributed a rise in infidelity.

Temptation is a gradual process that first begins in the mind. Suggestive articles, movies, books or magazines initiate lustful thoughts. Thoughts turn to desire and desire to action. Even a one-night stand doesn’t happen suddenly. It is preceded by unworthy thoughts.

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