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Finding a Job You Like Doing While Increasing Job Security

written by Patrick Ow June 18, 2019
Finding a Job You Like Doing While Increasing Job Security

My mission is to help you find a job you like doing and increase your job security at the same time. I do this by taking the guesswork out of finding your dream job. If you find yourself asking the following questions about your job situation, then you’ll love the actionable steps in this document.

Is this job right for me?

What is the best (or good) job for me?

What job will I enjoy doing?

How do I  find meaning and purpose at work?

How do find that dream job?


Let’s dive right in.

Trying to find a job you enjoy doing can be difficult when you don’t know how.

Trying to increase your job security can even be more challenging when there’s information overload, thanks to the Internet. Too many people are only telling you what to do rather than actually showing you how to confidently find meaningful and secure jobs you will enjoy doing.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that we just give up because it’s just too hard. There’s no one to show you the how-to step-by-step method to take the guesswork out of finding your dream job.

With hands raised as a sign of defeat, we take the reactive or short-cut approach to finding any job that’s on offer or that comes along. We end up taking the easy way out by adopting the usual hope and pray strategy (aka gambling) rather than intentionally creating our own future by taking the time to perform in-depth due diligence and strategically going after that dream job.

This is where the Job Certainty Technique can help.

It has been created to help you overcome fears and avoid the usual hit and miss approach. No more guesswork.

The technique is uniquely designed to provide you with step-by-step guidance to build your confidence and overcome fears to find that job you really like doing. In doing so, you are also future-proofing yourself and increasing your job security and income.

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