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Follow My 30-Day Digital Detox

Part One

written by Kris Verlé March 12, 2020
Follow My 30-Day Digital Detox

RD&T contributing writer, Kris Verle, challenges you to follow his 30-Day digital detox.

After realising my anxieties in the last couple of months have been directly correlated with my time spent online and my social media addiction, I decided it was time to press the reset button on my relationship with technology.

Online Life Coach Goes Analogue

I am indeed aware of the irony of an online life coach taking part in a digital detox.

But let me be clear, I’m not turning my back on technology. Rather the opposite. I hope that by the end of the thirty days, I’ll be able to tune into the dangers of social networking and assess which apps and activities I can safely reintroduce without being a total slave to them.

You can follow my journey in this two-part series, as I’ve outlined the process day-by-day.

I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to make the best of a digital declutter.

And with no Instagram, Facebook or Netflix to entertain myself with, I guess I’ll be spending a lot more time here. So come and hang with me. I’ll crack open a bottle.

Here’s a chronological overview of how it all went. Pardon the complaining by the way – that’s just me on a social media comedown.

D-Day in Digital Detox Camp

So it begins. For the next thirty days, I’ll be limiting the use of my phone, and I’ll be quitting social media almost entirely. That means no more Instagram, Facebook (except for my business page), or compulsive viewing of news websites.

I’ll check Messenger and WhatsApp once or twice a day, but I’m entirely withdrawing from ‘instant’ messaging and any online conversations.

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