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Habits You Want to Adopt for Productivity

written by Kirstin O'Donovan February 6, 2019
Habits You Want to Adopt for Productivity

What sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the ones who can’t seem to succeed? This question has been a topic of debate among academics, economists and psychologists for centuries now. Do they possess some mystical, innate qualities and powers that normal people are unable to tap into, or is it possible for any one of us to create just as much success?

One of the best (and often overlooked) ways of understanding entrepreneurs’ ability to achieve success is by examining (and emulating) their daily habits and routines.

Five Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

So what sort of habits does the quintessential successful entrepreneur have? Don’t underestimate the habits listed below – they’re only deceptively simple but are those habits that actually make the biggest impact on your everyday life.

1. You snooze you lose!

According to Fast Company business magazine, nine of the world’s top business leaders choose to get an early start to the day, with most of them waking up no later than 6:00 AM. Snoozing or sleeping in often results in a lazy mood and a less productive day. Wake up a little earlier so you have time for your rituals and routines before you start work. If you start your day doing things for other people instead of yourself, you are sending yourself a very clear message, one that contradicts a success-oriented mindset.

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