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Healthy Aging: Your Better Nutrition Guide

written by Ashley Koff RD November 8, 2018
Healthy Aging: Your Better Nutrition Guide

Another year older, another year wiser, but will it be another year of better health? Aging can feel like an unpluggable drain on our internal resources. With no way to stop the process, it can be challenging to maintain one’s current health status or, even harder, improve upon it for healthy aging. But fret not, because with better nutrition you can and you will help support better health whether that means healing, maintaining, preventing or optimizing your health as the body ages.

So what does healthy aging look like?

Nourish All Your Systems, Together

The whole body needs better nutrition, but we don’t need different nutrition for better health nor for healthy aging. The good news is that key nutrients support the whole body’s total health. So when you consume probiotics, yes you are helping support a healthy digestive system but that also supports immune health which reduces overall stress and enables better heart health and brain health, and so on. The same goes for a daily dose of broccoli’s glucoraphanin which enables detoxification, in turn removing unwanted toxins, making it easier for the body to do its daily tasks, which supports healthy skin, immune health, and so on.

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