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How To Get a Second Date With Him – The Do’s and Don’ts

written by Nancy Nichols October 3, 2018
Second Date on the beach

You have about 15 minutes on a first date to make a good or a bad impression on a man.

You are smitten with your new guy in the first 15 minutes on your first date. He’s handsome, engaging, well-dressed and successful, and he seems to be emotionally stable.

You WANT to get a second date with him. He was smitten with you when you met him by chance. He asked for your phone number, he called you, and you met him for dinner. When you walked into the restaurant, his face lit up, he smiled warmly and gave you a hug. Fifteen minutes into the date, he becomes withdrawn, his eyes glaze over and he glances at his watch. You feel a strong disconnect and the change in his demeanor puzzles you. You try to get the date back on track with your wily femininity. Too late. He’s thinking of how he can end the date early and disappear from your radar.

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