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How to Rebalance an Out-of-Balance Life

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom June 17, 2019
How to Rebalance an Out-of-Balance Life

Look at the titles of the lead articles that are currently featured prominently on the front cover of a lot of popular magazines. It’s hard not to notice the proliferation of pieces that have to do with the importance of living a balanced life. These articles usually warn the reader of the dangers of imbalance and often provide suggestions for how to organize your time in ways that are designed to solve the problems caused by imbalances.

Competing Commitments

I’m sure these suggestions have been very helpful to many people. However, we have spoken with others who have felt like tips and techniques for more effective time management don’t quite do it for them. These feelings are quite understandable. As many of us have learned from experience, knowing what you “should” do or what you have been told you “need to do” isn’t always enough to get your back on track to what it is that you really want to do.

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