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How to Talk Taboo

written by Ms. Marisha Dixon July 9, 2018
Couple on Phones on their first date

A few months ago, Heartalytics published an article titled Matchmaker Says: Just Don’t Just Ask.  The article features a collection of first date questions that professional matchmakers recommend not asking. And of course, there are certain topics it’s best not to surface (credit scores, number of past sexual partners, dating history, etc.), but are the “no-nos” always strictly black and white?

I waded into this grey area, providing strategies on how to approach difficult topics when it’s in your best interest to dive deeper…

I don’t believe that anything is totally “off limits.” There is an art and science to conversation, and certain situations call for tactful investigation into sensitive subject matter. Let’s start with the “science.” We’re wired to connect with others, and it’s likely that both parties really want to know the same things about the other person. So, who is going to mention the supposed “forbidden” topic first, and how?

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