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Online Dating and the Problem with Too Many Options

Overcoming Serial Dating

written by Jessica Baum March 17, 2020
Online Dating and the Problem with Too Many Options

Falling in love seems to be something that has become easier and easier to do these days with all the online dating options out there. There’s an overabundance of options for the younger generation to meet, hook up, and get those buzz-like feelings that often get mistaken as “love.” Too many options in the online dating world is leading to more problems than people realize.

For example, now there’s Tinder, Bumble, Match, Jdate, Zooks, E-harmony, Hinge… and hundreds of more avenues for connections. Often, I see clients struggle with simply having too many options. Some report being able to go online and waste hours and hours of their day connecting to others until they start to catch feelings with one particular interaction. Sound familiar?

Looking for Love

In the past, I’ve encouraged my clients to get online when they were ready to date. Usually, with older clients the dating pool is slim, or they’ve been “out of” the dating world for a while. Getting online is a way to get them to work through the stigma around online dating. Once I could change that belief system and get them online, they started to open up to new possibilities that these platforms create. It was used as a simple reminder that there’s always an opportunity for someone better.

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