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Practicing Gratitude While Sheltering at Home

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell April 13, 2020
Practicing Gratitude While Sheltering at Home

RD&T contributing writer, Joyce Vissell, encourages readers to practice gratitude while sheltering at home.

I would like to offer you my experience of “sheltering in place” for three months thirty-three years ago and what I learned.

My Own Shelter in Place

When asked as a child what I most wanted to be when I grew up, my only answer was, “I want to be a mother.” Often, this answer was met with a comment like, “Oh, you must want to be something other than just a mother!” But for me, there was no more exciting adventure than wanting to be a mother.

In 1976, I was blessed with the birth of a little girl and then again with another little girl in 1981. I loved being a mother so much and found so much joy in just being with our girls, Rami and Mira. But I yearned for more children and always thought that four would be a perfect number for me. Barry was very happy and content with our two girls, but my desire was so strong that he lovingly consented to another baby.

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