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Precision Dating: Advice for Men

written by Laura Dabney, M.D. March 6, 2020
Precision Dating: Advice for Men

Men, hear me on this: Quit cheating yourselves of a great relationship before you even get started. I’ve seen hundreds of men make the same mistakes — choosing the wrong women and staying with them for too long and through too much. So trust me when I tell you that a small change in your approach today can save you thousands in divorce and therapy fees down the road. I call it Precision Dating.

Let me provide you with dating advice for men. Precision Dating comes down to making crucial and informed decisions at three points in your relationship. Skip any of these decisions, and you may find yourself deep in the muck with a woman who drains you of your time, your energy, and your money. The truth is that every troubled relationship has its warning signals from the very beginning — but men, being conditioned to be problem solvers and fixers — tend to ignore the warnings. And when you ignore the warnings, you do so at your peril.

Phase One: Casual Dating

The first key to Precision Dating is to cast a wide net when dating. Contrary to the popular belief that men love to “play the field,” a significant portion of men settle down as quickly as possible. They find a woman, commit quickly, and spend the next few years of their life trying to make the relationship work. Men with this tendency pride themselves on being loyal. But what they’ve really done is invested everything in an untested and unproven concept — a decision they’d likely never make with business or financial investments. Instead, think of dating like shopping for a new car.

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