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Steps to Solve Core Relationship Problems

written by Robert Taibbi August 28, 2020
Steps to Solve Core Relationship Problems

Robert Taibbi offers four practical steps to solving your core relationship problem.

When Tom begins to feel neglected by his partner, Anna – when she doesn’t show much interest in his everyday life, isn’t being affectionate enough – Tom initially cuts her some slack, telling himself that she’s probably tired from work or stressed. But as it goes on, he eventually gets fed up and blows up – suddenly ranting at her about her playing a video game, or about her clothes laying on the floor, or the dirty dishes she left in the sink – and Anna, feeling surprised, unsafe, and hurt by Tom’s assault, then withdraws further. Tom, now feeling sorry for his explosion, goes into make-up mode, but as Anna’s withdrawal continues and his feelings of being neglected rise, so does his resentment, fueling the cycle once again. Anna sees Tom as angry and needy, Tom sees Anna as self-centered and withholding.

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