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Summer Vegan Healthy Recipes

written by Marlene Watson-Tara April 24, 2019
Summer Vegan Healthy Recipes

I hope that you are all enjoying the longer days and warmer weather of summer. It’s such a joy to be out on our bikes and taking some fabulous hikes in nature. These warm days also mean that it’s time to break out our summer recipes.

The foods that are most needed when the weather is warm are salads, fruits, green vegetables, and those that involve lighter cooking. A quick vegetable stir fry is one of our favourites, with a huge fresh salad and one of my delicious dressings.

In macrobiotics and traditional Chinese medicine, this is the time of year that our heart and small intestine present themselves for their “annual service,” so to speak. The changing of the seasons is more than simply re-organising your wardrobe. The body craves the change of food and cooking styles of each season.

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