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The Natural Woman is Vegan

Part One

written by Marlene Watson-Tara April 15, 2019
The Natural Woman is Vegan

This is Part One of a two-part series. Find Part Two here 

Nothing is as important as a sense of humour when it comes to aging naturally. I personally prefer to look at the process of aging as a journey towards wholeness where all aspects of our being are cultivated and balanced. Make no mistake – women like to feel beautiful. The women’s beauty industry is a mega-billion dollar empire. Still, there is more to beauty than cosmetics, clothes, perfumes, and accessories. Natural women hold the key to real womanly beauty.

What is a Natural Woman?

The definition is as wide and deep as the person herself. Being comfortable in your own skin, so to speak, and feeling a deep connection with something bigger than yourself is how I define a natural woman.  For me, that has always been the deep connection I have felt with nature since I was a child.  You may have heard the expression or even categorized someone as she is so natural. That describes women who are comfortable in who and what they are.

They can be versatile, they can be driven, and they come from all walks of life; but they know deep within who they are.  No matter what they are and do, natural women are always themselves. The most beautiful women always are. It’s also a woman who lives her life in a way that sees her take responsibility for her own health by adopting a lifestyle that creates good health and equilibrium in a natural way.

Natural women have an aura about them.

It flows effortlessly from them. They are not afraid of their emotions. They prefer to be guided by Mother Nature’s remedies rather than succumb to various types of medication or hormonal treatments.

Without a doubt, women have unique health issues to manage. Hormonal imbalance can contribute to a host of problems including weight gain, unstable mood or a stressful temperament. Hormones are a powerful force in both our physical and emotional life but they can be influenced by diet, exercise, and state of mind.

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