After a whirlwind month of milestone birthday celebrations, new business endeavors, a child with pneumonia and visiting out-of-towners, I have much to be resting over but also much to be thankful for. It’s a struggle, sometimes, to see the grace in the chaos. After all, who wants to say, “Ahhh, thank you!” when you’re at the hospital with a sick child and you’re hosting 30 people within the next 36 hours?

And often we need to see the real evidence behind something in order to fully buy-in and engage in the behavior. It’s only natural. We as humans aren’t purely faith-based creatures who can always turn the worst of circumstances into good times simply because we committed to believing it was. No, we are human, which means we need to think through some of the challenges.  o, here’s some evidence regarding gratitude and its effects on our human health and societal wellbeing.

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