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Your Man Says You’re Overreacting. Trust Your Gut.

written by Nancy Nichols January 3, 2019
Your Man Says You're Overreacting. Trust Your Gut.

Blame-shifting is an attempt to deflect accountability.

Your partner tells you that you misunderstood what he said and he can never do anything to please you. Your girlfriend says she was only kidding and that you’re too sensitive. Maybe your mom tells you that you’re overreacting and you shouldn’t get your feelings hurt.

People say and do unkind things that hurt you—and when you call them out on it, they imply something is wrong with YOU.

Gut check! There is a reason we feel the way we do.

Regardless of what someone tells you, it matters what you are thinking and feeling. Maybe you are overly sensitive to someone’s “dry wit” or constructive criticism. Perhaps you need to “woman-up” and stop impulsively reacting to the opinionated, sarcastic personalities who come and go in our lives.

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