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Be Soulful – Not So Full

written by Laura Saltman May 26, 2020
Be Soulful - Not So Full

I keep telling people that my to-do list is about three pages long of all the things I can be doing as an author: marketing, promotions, PR reach out, video content, webinars, etc. I mean, the list truly is endless, but a message came through loud and clear today (as I was busy working on Final Cut Pro editing a new video for Well World TV, the new video platform I am a part of as both host and creative director):  Be soulful, not so full.

Soulful, not So Full

That is a phrase my best friend and I came up with today. You see, the phone rang and she was interrupting my hustle. I was tackling my to-do list, and she was the second phone call disrupting my day. Rather than ignore the phone ringing, I picked it up both times and chatted with my two besties. Everyone else I probably would have ignored (like the deluge of real estate agents who won’t leave me alone) but I always make time for these two. I knew the Universe was sending me a signal to slow down because literally every time I have a free day to really grind through the to do list, something comes up offering me a chance to slow down.

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