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Client Confidential – The Abuser & The Lurker

written by Remy Boyd August 20, 2018
Client Confidential - The Abuser & The Lurker

Client Confidential features real stories and experiences shared by my clients. These are dates, situations and/or circumstances that are entertaining lessons we can learn from. Also shared is my advice and opinion.

​All names have been changed to protect their identity.

Everyone who works with clients knows that the stories they share can be humorous, heartbreaking or downright scary! In this first edition of Remy OnLove’s Client Confidential, I share how tough it can be when you share your political stance and what it’s like to ‘go on a date’ with someone who refuses to sit with you or communicate. Of course, all names are changed to protect identities.

The Verbal Abusive Abuser – Jeff is a handsome guy, tall with broad shoulders and built like a linebacker. He’s an attractive fixture on the dating apps and sites, but has grown wary of being truthful about anything other than what he does for a living or what he looks for in a woman. Why? Well, any dating coach or therapist will advise their client on being too open on a profile, especially when it comes to (still) taboo subjects like religion and politics.

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