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Jealousy and Falling in Love

written by Donna Goddard March 14, 2019
Jealousy and Falling in Love


We all know the sting of jealousy. It’s painful. Jealousy within the context of a love relationship is really fear. We are afraid that someone will take away that which we have become so attached to and, to varying degrees, have based our life on. However, that fear can quickly turn into anger. Even though we will not have meant to hurt our loved one, that is exactly what we will do in proportion to our jealousy. It’s a destructive human trait although it is automatic in human nature unless deliberately curbed.

If there is genuine cause for concern over your partner’s fidelity then take a serious and searching look at the state of the relationship. If there is no legitimate cause for concern, in order to calm our fears, we can remind ourselves that we cannot be our partner’s one and only blessing in life.

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